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If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Forty years of diverse experiences - Developing it into solutions for others.


For 40 years, Carl Claerbout helped develop Dutchland Plastics Corp. into a very successful, family-owned rotational molding and blow molding business.


Carl’s experience developing a successful company led him to his passion for helping others succeed across different industries.


Creating a unique culture at Dutchland Plastics Corp. and volunteering in the local community led Carl to also develop a passion for mentoring others.


Transforming businesses to become more profitable and reach their full potential.

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Our Areas of Focus


We focus on ‘hands-on’ training to help eliminate scrap, increase production, and improve efficiencies. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we know how to make your operations successful.


A healthy company culture starts with the heart of your employees. We come into your business and teach proven engagement and retention strategies.


Successful business start with successful and efficient leaders. Claerbout Consulting will train your management team to become just that.


Claerbout Consulting will help your business develop a plan to succeed in your unique industry. We identify your goals and help you reach them.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“We recently engaged Carl to help us with setting organizational priorities for 2021. Specifically, we wanted help with improving machine efficiencies and increased focus on new business development. Over a couple of days, Carl helped us develop a list of very feasible actions we could implement immediately. Carl’s easy-going style made his coaching very effective versus other resources we have used in the past. We look forward to working with Carl as we grow our business.”

– Brent Rasche –

Chief Operating Officer, Fibertech Inc.

“Carl’s demeanor with our team enabled us to make tremendous progress in a short period of time. He rolled up his sleeves, went out on our arms, ran the machine, made parts and just became part of the team. He took the time to understand our current processes and procedures and why we did what we did. This proved invaluable as our operators instantly respected his direction and were quick to try his suggestions because he could show, specifically, how their work could become easier. Additionally, his business acumen, experience and candor made him a trusted advisor to management where he immediately received buy in. Overall, Carl’s energy and passion for molding was inspiring and his genuine nature demonstrated that he truly cares about our success. Looking forward to his next visit.”

– Josh Weissman –

President at ModuForm, Inc.

Carl came in and worked closely with our operators and supervisors, as well as our management team. We look forward to the decrease in our scrap and improved efficiencies. We are definitely bringing Carl in again to continue to work with us and check on our progress. It has been a great investment for us!

– Cary Quigley –

Sterling Technologies, Inc.

Carl came very highly recommended from many long tenured rotation molding personnel and he was able to come into our new company and help us with some process issues we were having during our molding cycles and help us to reduce scrap and produce high quality product with some minor adjustments and also added some real value to our process flow. With his many years of experience and knowledge it was very evident why he was recommended to us at Tri-Ven and we are very happy he was able to come to our assistance on such short notice. We will definetly be looking at working with Carl again in the very near future.

– Kevin Cook –

Tri-Ven – Operations Manager

I have known, and worked with Carl for thirty years. Carl’s depth of knowledge and experience has proven to pay dividends to a number of Jerico Plastic customers in just the past year. I would not hesitate to recommend Carl to any molder to address any molding issue.

– Steve Copeland –

President, Jerico Plastic Industries

A little over a year ago, I decided to do my own rotational molding that I had been outsourcing. I didn’t know anything about rotational molding, but someone got me in touch with Claerbout Consulting. Carl came in and showed me how to get started and taught me some of the tricks of the trade he’s learned over his career. With his help, we have started producing high quality products and I have now even had our company highlighted on the cover and inside the Rotoworld Magazine. I still work with Carl and I would highly recommend his services for anyone needing help with their rotational molding needs.

– Merv King –

True Form Plastics

“Carl has been working with Jemco Plastic Products Corp. assisting with our expansion into the United States and he has been instrumental in Jemco achieving this goal. Carl works with many high quality rotational molders to make them even better. He achieves this by bringing his 40 + years of experience of working with and directing one of North America’s premier rotational molding companies. By implementing systems and strategies with a hands on approach, his clients experience a major reduction in scrap parts, improved efficiencies, higher levels of quality control and an overall healthier bottom line. Carl is very well connected with in the rotational molding community, and has many contacts for everything from tooling to hardware and resins. I have found Carl’s level of integrity and professionalism beyond reproach. Jemco considers Carl to be an invaluable resource and plans to continue to work with Carl as we grow not only domestically but internationally as well!”

– Bert McEwen –

Jemco Plastic Products

Carl is someone I worked with when I was the General Manager of the Lakeshore Chinooks and he is part of the Ownership Group. Carl’s business insight and vision were always welcome and helpful. In addition, Carl is someone who leads by example with his integrity, work ethic and general willingness to help. He is a real asset to the organization and someone that makes a positive impact in all his business endeavors.

– Dean Rennicke –

Vice President of the Concordia Foundation

“I have had the opportunity to work with Carl significantly over the past couple years and fully recommend his experience and services as a benefit towards helping other companies with rotomolding applications in all areas. Before onboarding some plastics expertise, Carl was an asset on the floor from a layout, machine operation, operator training, and production standpoint which is key to increasing efficiencies, increasing internal process knowledge, improving safety, and reducing scrap. Carl is very down to earth and desires to deliver superior results at a price that makes sense. He is not a typical consultant that comes in, makes recommendations and then leaves! He very hands on and helps to implement the changes on the floor to help keep processes in place and effect change management. I talk with Carl frequently and he often stops in to help and to see where things are going. We would not have evolved as quickly as we have today without his help. Money well spent! Carl has grown up in the industry since he was a child and his knowledge in the area is second to none, including his connections within the industry.”

– Nick Murray –

VP of Operations – Redline Plastics

Carl and I have worked together for over two years on the Pine Hills Country Club Board of Directors. During this time Carl has been an excellent resource and mentor in helping develop our management team, improve employee productivity and employee engagement. His insights have been critical in the areas of management recruitment and the assessment and coaching of both star employees and problem employees.

– Paul Hattimer –

CCM Private Club Marketing and Social Media

“Carl, has been a great help for our business. He showed us process improvements as well as industry contact information. We implemented what he taught us, invested in equipment and had a big increase in overall production. Our gains will far exceed and continue to exceed the consulting fees! Highly Recommended!”

– Steve Bontiager –

Rotational Molding

“Working with Carl was very beneficial to our operation. In a short period of time, he was able to make several suggestions saving us time & money as well as improving the safety of our employees. He has a vast knowledge of rotomolding and the experience he brings to any molding operation is very beneficial.”

– Kip Northrupe –

Owner – Blue Thumb

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