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For 40 years, Carl Claerbout helped develop Dutchland Plastics Corp. into a very successful, family-owned rotational molding and blow molding business. He worked his way up through the organization, working in all departments and on all three shifts. Eventually, he took over the leadership of the company and continued his father's entrepreneur-style philosophy. He sustained the unique culture that attracted employees, suppliers and customers that helped them to become one of the most respected companies in the plastics industry.


Our Story

With the help of his team that Carl promoted and developed, he led the company to $34MM in sales. This growth was achieved with multiple plant expansions and a strategic second geographical location that has lowered freight cost for one of their largest customers by over $250K annually. In addition, he helped the company dramatically cut scrap, improve their efficiency, develop a training program for employees and create a culture that improves morale with today's workforce.

Carl was one of the youngest members at the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) conventions, and he eventually reached out to other business owners and learned from their experiences. The respect that his family-owned company garnered led to company employees serving on committees and ultimately his brother serving as President of the Association. Taking that a step further, he started contacting leaders in other industries and learned how much businesses had in common with everyday issues. Carl has become connected with many different owners and now loves to get people connected with other people that can use help and advice.

Carl specializes as an operations & manufacturing person, consultant, coach and mentor, taking what he has learned from his 40 years of diverse experiences and developing it into solutions for others. He has become a servant leader, having a passion for helping family-owned businesses succeed with all of the challenges they face in today's ever-changing business world.

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